Why Choose Us

Our Joint Replacement Surgeons routinely performs Minimal Invasive Surgery.
Benefits that patients experiences are - less blood loss, less incision therefore patient experiences less pain, faster recovery
  • Unlike other surgeons, our surgeons do bilateral knee replacement in a single sitting which saves on anesthesia time as well as multiple procedures. It is the replacement procedure done for both the diseased knees at the same time during a single sitting surgery. Interestingly it is also a fact that for almost 90% of us suffering from arthritis problems, it is very common that both the knees are affected and the surgery can be done at the same time to have implants in both the knees at once. First of all, there are no additional risks to operate both the knees at the same time, most people recover very well, the entire procedure takes about a week's time, from one day prior to the surgery to about 5 days of post-operative recovery time. After about couple days, the patient is able to walk and will be able to go back to all of his regular lifestyle activities within about 3 months time. The trauma of surgery is also so much less and the individuals do not have to go through the pain twice by adopting to this bilateral replacement.
  • All our clinical talents are Internationally qualified & trained.
  • Patients have a choice of implants - like
    • Oxinium Knee also called as 30 year old knee where the life span of the prosthesis is 30 years.
    • Custom Fit- tailor-made implants for individuals matching the size and placement of the implant specific to the patient's knee size.
    • High Flex- gives more flexibility - The High Flex Knee is a boon to patients seeking increased function after TKR. It allows activities which require deep bend knee like stair climbing, squatting, kneeling, gardening, kneeling down for Namaz.
    • Gender specific knee - high-Flex Knees which is contoured to fit the anatomical shape of men & women knees.

OT and Infection Control:

  • Our infection rate < 1%. While International standards are up to 4% of infection or complication rate. Therefore stand much above the international standards
  • State of the art OT with Laminar air flow to keep the air clean of dust, fungus, microorganisms and to avoid, infections of operation wounds. The surgeons and OT staff use specialized space suits to prevent cross infection


  • We have dedicated team for pain management. They internationally trained pain specialists, physiotherapists and dedicated para-medical staff that has sound knowledge and experience to provide most advanced pain management solutions.
  • We have a Fast track Rehabilitation process wherein most of our patients begin the physiotherapy 2 hours post surgery inside the recovery room. The patients are mobile on day 1.
  • We are a multispecialty tertiary care hospital with experts in key specialties like critical care, emergency & trauma, cardiology and cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics and minimal access surgery, well equipped to handle any kind of complication under one roof
  • We also exclusive Home care Physical Therapist for joint replacement patients

People and Infrastructure:

  • Our hospital has advanced diagnostics like - MRI, CT, Lab, Digital X-ray
  • We have exclusive nurses who trained in orthopedics and joint replacement
  • Our Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation department is one of the best in the city. We have devoted Team of Therapist for joint replacement
  • We provide a comprehensive diet program to our patients postoperatively
  • The critical care team is very advanced. We have state of the art ICU offering 24/7 care to patients in potentially life threatening conditions who need continuous monitoring by a multidisciplinary team of experts round the clock
  • We have a stringent process for continuous post operative care even after discharge for all our patients. After the patient gets discharged we follow them up on a regular basis ensuring they get complete care even after surgery
  • Our joint replacement center does largest number of joint replacements in Karnataka
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